Instant Teeth Whitening PRO+ Kit

Amazingly Fast
& Effective

An effective, take-home teeth whitening system that uses innovative and advanced formulation to deliver professional, clinically-proven and longer lasting results.



Teeth Whitening Kits

Whiter teeth in just minutes with our professional grade Teeth Whitening Kits!

Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

★★★★★ 58 reviews



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Instant Teeth Whitening PRO+ Kit

★★★★★ 112 reviews



Get both the kit for best results and save a further RM58!

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Charcoal Whitening Booster Kit

★★★★★ 36 reviews



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Real results

Loved by thousands of satisfied customers in Malaysia

Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

Advanced Formulation & Clinically Proven

Experience whiter teeth in just minutes! Our effective formulation is designed to whiten any teeth stains and deliver maximum results without pain or sensitivity with our innovative key ingredients. Save hundreds and thousands in dentist bills and get that perfect smile in the comfort of your own home today!

Fast & Effective

We pride ourselves in whitening any teeth stains and delivering incredible results through our innovative and advanced formulation.

Professional Dental Grade Quality

Our product is clinically-proven to deliver faster and longer lasting results. All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and is FDA approved, representing compliance to superior standards.

Safe & Easy

Whiten your teeth easily at the convenience of your own home. Our kits are easy to use and comes with a guide to ensure that you only get the best results. There’s no need for troublesome dental appointments or costly dental fees again!

Get Our PRO+ Kit Now

Enjoy whiter teeth in just minutes


Charcoal Whitening Booster Kit

The Power of Charcoal& Coconut Infused

Our specially formulated coconut activated charcoal kit is effectively designed to whiten and polish your teeth, strengthen their enamel, detoxify your mouth, and keep your breath fresh without any pain or sensitivity.

Whitens & Maintains Teeth Health

Consistent use of our charcoal kit’s whitening powder and new revolutionary foam toothpaste will gradually whitens your teeth and eliminate stains beneath the surface while providing an overall protection to ensure a longer lasting result.

100% Natural Powder

We have carefully chosen 100% natural ingredients to safely whiten your teeth without any harmful chemicals or additives.

Perfect Replacement for Regular Toothpaste

Whiten your teeth with our proprietary “oxygen infused“ foam that is clinically proven to penetrate those tough to reach spaces between teeth that regular pastes and gels may be too thick to clean.


How it works

Whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home

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